Bridget loves the authentic Argentine Tango and has over 20 years of experience in teaching and dancing Tango.


In 2001, Bridget spent one year in Buenos Aires and learned with Claudia Bozzo at the "School of Tango" and later with former dance partner Leonardo Fandango who she taught and performed with for 10 years.


She also studied with Johana Copes (daughter of Juan Carlos Copes), Carlos Rivarola and Tete Rusconi, a well known Milonguero in Buenos Aires at his time.


In 2001, together with her former partner, they organised numerous dance events & classes in South London such as The Lecture Hall in Wimbledon and the longstanding and ongoing popular "El Porteñito" Milonga in Balham.


Bridget's favourite dance styles are Tango Milonguero and Tango Salon. Over the years and through numerous visits to Buenos Aires dancing with local Milongueros she has developed a thorough understanding, feeling and approach for the authentic Tango.


In her classes she tries to transmit this to her students and focuses that they learn to dance socially. Her way of teaching the basics and musicality through exercises allows students to improvise eventually - an  important factor in Argentine Tango, versus learning sequences. 


Bridget loves ladies styling and aquired her technique from former dance partner Leonardo Fandango as well as from renowned ladies technique and Tango teacher Aurora Lubiz from Buenos Aires.


Ewa is such a valuable member of the team.


Loyal and supportive, funny and a great friend for so many years, we could not do without her.


Ewa is a great dancer and has 18 years of experience in Argentine Tango

Mino is a great member of the El Portenito team, he is a great host, a lovely dancer and his support is greatly appreciated.


Mino has been dancing Tango for many years and a real asset for our lady dancers.

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