• Postural improvement & alignment
  • Improved range of mobility and flexibility
  • Relief of muscular pains in particular lower back
  • Decrease of stress and fatigue 

Stretching & flexibility sessions with general traditional stretches as well as deep stretching of one or two particular muscle groups during a session. Suitable for all levels as you can control your own level of intensity. Beneficial for those who suffer from muscular pain or fatigue, lower back pain due long periods of sitting (i.e. office jobs) or where long periods of standing is required.


The sessions are great for those who simpy like a good stretch now and again or would like to become more flexible - without having to do difficult stretches like in other diciplines such as Yoga.


The aim is to elongate a specific muscular group as well as mobilising different joints and the spine - emphasising on the functional flexibility (often joints are immobile due to loss of muscular flexibility or lack of movement). The classes also focus on improving your posture through strengthening your back/postural muscles. The aim is to achieve a balance between elongating some muscles whilst strengthening others. 


  • Warm up and mobilization of joints/spine
  • Deep stretching of one or two particular muscle groups
  • Cool down, relaxation
  • Emphasis is given to the explanation of each exercise as well as the repetition of stretches and holding a stretch for some time
  • Each class lasts around 40min

Who can attend and what you need to join a class

  • All age groups*
  • Beginners & Intermediates
  • Yoga or exercise matt, a band or elastic resistance band, belt or scarf
  • Zoom account 
  • A small cushion might be beneficial for some who are not that flexible

*Please advise of any injuries or conditions you may have or consult your doctor before attending a class. Before beginning this or any exercise regime, be sure to check with your doctor for consent to begin as TangoWimbledon will not be responsible for any physical problems you may develop as a result of doing these exercises.

What you need to know to attend

  • Register in advance by sending an email to 
  • Download the free Zoom app to your PC, laptop or phone if you have not already done so
  • Once registered you will receive payment instructions and a Zoom link



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