What you will learn in the classes


Through our established method of exercises, technique, step patterns and sequences you will acquire the knowledge to dance this beautiful improvised dance – this way you will be able to dance with anybody socially.


Throughout the classes you will also learn a little about the history of Argentine Tango which influenced the philosophy of this dance. You will familiarise yourself with the social dance etiquette practiced in the Milongas (dance venues) world-wide as well as get to know it’s wide variety of exciting music.


We teach two styles - Tango Salon and Tango Milonguero. Both are very popular styles that are danced in dance venues called "Milongas" world-wide and in Argentina. We believe in teaching improvisation so you can dance socially with anybody. We will also teach you the three Argentine Tango dance styles called "Tango", "Vals" and "Milonga".

We focus on musicality, connection and achieving harmony between you and your partner. Tango is not just a dance where you acquire step patterns - without the feeling for the music the dance is only half enjoyable.

Read more about Tango de Salon and Tango Milonguero Style here.



Beginner level:


In the beginner class we will teach the basic and most important - the Tango walk, as well as the embrace, simple sequences and musicality. Argentine Tango is based on good posture and balance so we have developed a series of exercises that will help you achieve this.


What you will learn in detail:


- The Tango walk and correct way to step
- Posture and balance necessary for dancing Tango
- How to lead and follow
- Easy sequences to improve your improvisation
- Familiarise yourself with the different dance rhythms of Tango music (Tango, Vals, Milonga)
- Learn easy changes of rhythms
- A variety of simple dance sequences and step patterns such as:


Different combinations of the walk (caminada)
Salida de seis (basic 6 steps)
Salida de ocho (basic 8 steps)
The square (quadrado)
Cunita (rocky step)
Leading the lady into the cross


After you mastered the Beginners classes you should be able to:


- Dance and improvise over basic Tango sequences and walks
- Understand the different rhythm's of Tango music
- Dance socially with confidence


Depending on your ability and frequency of classes taken this can take from 3 to 6 months.


Improver/Intermediate level:


We revise basic principles and improvisation in this level. You will learn more and new challenging sequences and step patterns with more attention to the detailed technique of the dance.


Advanced interpretation of Tango music and how to play with the rhythms is a big focus in this level.


You will further deepen you skills to be able to dance socially and learn the main styles that are danced worldwide – Tango Salon, Tango Milonguero, Tango Vals and Milonga. You will also be introduced to the difference between dancing in open and close embrace and the importance of achieving the connection with your partner. Ladies will learn more about following and adding decorations (adornos) to their dance and men will learn more about leading and how to dance to the music.


We introduce more advanced elements such as ochos (figure of eights), giros (turns), barridas (sweep), sacadas, dancing double time and traspie.



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