Frequently asked questions

What shall I wear to the classes?

The lessons are informal - please wear whatever you feel comfortable in.


What shoes shall I wear?

For ladies who are just starting the most suitable footwear for classes is a shoe with a small heel and leather or suede sole, if possible an ankle strap with closed toes. A leather or suede sole is good for pivoting. When you get familiar with the dance you may want to switch to higher heels.
For men ideal would be a leather or suede sole shoe. Less suitable for dancing are boots, fashion shoes or trainers unless they are special dance trainers.When you come to the class we can also advise you on adequate footwear you can buy.


Do I have to change partners?

If you come to classes with a partner you would like to stay with throughout the lesson this is fine. We always encourage couples to change partners because it gives everybody a chance to dance and learn with a different partner and get them used to different styles of followers and leaders. Argentine Tango is a social dance and everybody dances with everybody – therefore it is important that you learn how to adapt to different partners from the start. It is also a fun way of getting to know other people in the class or at a dance venue. Many people come to classes without a partner so switching partners is a good way for everybody to practice with a partner. Plus, you will get the opportunity to dance with some of the more experienced dancers and this can help you to learn faster.


What if I have to miss a lesson?

Don’t worry! We always revise the week before and then start with something new for everybody. The lessons are not designed in a way that we will make it more complicated as the weeks go by. If you are a beginner however you need to spend a few months to get to know the basics and if you feel you want to move to the next level please speak to us first - this way we can advise you whether or not your are ready to move on. The second level is for more advanced people who have studied for some time and it would not be fair if they had to go back to basics if a student is still not ready for the second level.


How are the classes structured?

We always start with exercises and technique for everybody, this can be postural exercises, step exercises or musicality etc. Then we move on to a simple sequence with different variations. Everybody can learn at their own pace and though we may give you different variations it does not always mean you have to pick the most challenging one.


What style do you teach?

We teach Tango Salon and Tango Milonguero. Both are very popular styles that are danced in the dance halls (Milongas) world-wide and in Argentina. We believe in teaching improvisation so you can dance socially with anybody.


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