Bridget's Biography


In 2001, Bridget spent one year in Buenos Aires where she underwent extensive training in Argentine Tango. She started her studies with Claudia Bozzo at the "School of Tango".


She acquired her main Tango skills whilst learning and working with her former dance partner Leonardo Fandango who she met in Buenos Aires in 2001 and who she has taught and performed with for over 10 years in England and performed in Buenos Aires' world famous "Confiteria Ideal" Milonga as well as in the province of Argentina.


In 2001 Bridget founded and co-organised with Leonardo Fandango numerous dance events & classes in South London such as The Lecture Hall in Wimbledon and the longstanding, popular "El Porteñito" Milonga in Balham.


Bridget founded Tango Wimbledon in 2011 and currently teaches on Mondays and the occacional Thursday in Balham and gives private lessons.


She also teaches Ladies Technique workshops which are very popular. She acquired her Ladies technique skills through years of dancing, from her former partner Leonardo Fandango, and studying ladies styling whilst in Buenos Aires during her many visits. Her favourite ladies technique teachers are Johana Copes as well as Aurora Lubiz, renown female dancers and teachers in Buenos Aires.


Bridget admires the authentic Tango such as Tango Salon and Tango Milonguero and over the years and during her travels to Buenos Aires she has developed a thorough understanding, feeling and approach for the authentic Tango, which she tries to transmit to her students in her group and private classes.

She also holds an OCR Level 2 Certificate in Teaching Exercise and Fitness and she is trained in a specific stretching technique from Buenos Aires.


Other dance background

Bridget developed her love for dancing as a teenager when she learned Ballroom and other dances such as the Discofox, a social partner dance evolved in Europe in the mid-seventies, approximately at the same time when the hustle emerged in the United States.Both dances were greatly influenced by the film Saturday Night Fever. In various regions it is also known under different names: Disco Hustle, Swing Fox, Disco Swing, Rock Fox. Discofox is very popular in Germany and Switzerland. Bridget has won various competitions during that time.

In 1993 when she lived in Spain she learned Sevillanas Dancing (Spanish couple dance from Sevilla).


From 1995 she studied Salsa for many years - with Elder Sanchez from Columbia (one of London's first and well known Salsa teacher) being her main teacher. Bridget dances all different styles of Salsa including Colombian, New York and in particular Cuban, which she studied with different Cuban teachers here in England as well as in Cuba. In 1998 she featured on Channel 5, taking part of the Salsa UK Championships in London.

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